Class Descriptions

Exotic Exploration

Do what you body wants to do feminine. Lure yourself into a state of self awareness and confidence. In this class, students are encouraged to let their bodies move in mesmerizing ways that will please and tease!

Pole Level I

Fitness for beginner pole students. This course covers basic floor-work, beginner spins, transitions, and beginner combinations. This class is developed to introduce students to the art of pole dance and gain strength and flexibility to execute moves beautifully!

Pole Level II

Delve a little deeper into pole work with intermediate moves that require more strength and flexibility. Learn new spins, combos and work on starting inversions. Must have completed Level I before starting Level II.

Pole Level III

Not for the timid! Level III focuses on advanced spins, inversions and pole tricks. Must have completed Levels I and II before starting Level III.


You may be asking yourself..what is this hoopdance stuff?!? Hoopdance is a free flowing artform performed with adult sized hula hoops! Hoopdance is non to low impact but can be a major cardio workout. Hooping can easily burn 400-600 calories per hour..and it’s easier than you think! Hooping increases core strength, strengthens and tones ALL parts of the body, increases hand/eye coordination, improves balance, lifts moods and makes you giggle a whole bunch!

*no weighted hoops please. Hoops available in studio*

Check back often for specialty workshops!